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Human Axie Club


Ended: 17 Apr 2022 14:00

Human Axie Club, is an NFT brand hosted on the solana blockchain. The club consists of 1,000 human axie NFTs who will fight each other for the best rewards in a METAVERSE world
Our story
We are a team of three gamers, developers, who love to play to win who are interested in using the brilliant Solana blockchain to distribute our art at a fair price without the gas fees. found on ETH. 10% of the first total sale will be invested for the community distributed in raffles, gifts, scholarships, preparation of axie infinity tournaments and prizes with a stipulated amount in USDT with an option in exchange for SLP, AXS, RON AND SOL (Only for members who have minimum 1 NFT). Where the community will have for life the benefit of 5% royalties for the aforementioned, plus the accumulated SLP generated by the scholarship holders.

Supply : 1000
Mint Price : 0.85 SOL