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Howling Meta Wolves

Howling Meta Wolves


Ended: 26 Apr 2022 19:00

HMW is an NFT collection that is testing web3 limits by introducing new ways to control PFPs & building AX6 Hub. Their art is both 2D and 3D that they are adding technical creativity to by giving holders the ability to control & select their NFT in 2D, 3D or anywhere in between! Holders will be able to go their website and change the PFP at anytime and it will update their NFT itself. Along with amazing art that you can fully control, HMW is launching AX6 Hub. This platform will be a space where individuals can connect to share knowledge of the Web3 space. AX6 Hub 1.0 will be launched with Holders having the ability to earn tokens that they can utilize to join other projects, purchase WL spots, and get IRL items/events access. AX6 Hub 2.0 will transition this marketplace concept into a knowledge base where Alphas, educators & influencers in the Web3 space can connect with those interested in the space. This will extend to digital and IRL events, courses and other forms of hangouts so that users feel safe and can continue to learn as the Web3 space evolves and expands. True to word and without reason to delay, the Wolves have already launched AX6 Hub 1.0 utility in their Discord by allowing all community members to bid on NFTs from cool projects immediately by using coins earned. If you want to see the ability to transition between the art types, you can go to the HMW site at You can use the slider to your liking so you can make your NFT 2D, 3D or something in between.

Supply : 5555
Mint Price : 0.088 ETH