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Homaland Club


Ended: 16 May 2022 12:00

We unite hamsters from all over the world to fight back the impudent whales! We will equip our hamsters with everything they need: cryptospell and nuts.
NFT: 7777 uniquely generated hamsters with over 200+ unique traits!
HOLD: Minting these sweet critters makes you a digital pet owner. After all, every holder of Homaland NFT receives various perks and benefits.
Community: The most valuable part of HOMALAND, whose goal is to support, develop each other and create a DAO where the voice of each hamster matters.
Token: As we create our own ecosystem around the metaverse, we plan to issue a token earned by all of the holders of Homaland NFT. It will be integrated as a currency to buy additional goods such as physical items or in-game currency.
Homaland Club

Supply : 7777
Mint Price : 0.07 ETH