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Heroes of Mavia


Ended: 25 Feb 2022 00:00

February 25th at 10:00 AM EST (NYC Time).Build your base, grow your army and earn RUBY by conquering enemy bases throughout Mavia.Join DiscordBuild your base to defend against enemy invaders Your base is your home, and must be defended at all costs. Strategically build walls, deploy turrets, and place traps in order to keep enemies away from your precious Gold, Oil and RUBY loot.Lead an army of infantry, vehicle and air units Choose from over twelve different infantry, vehicle and air units to attack rival bases with. Each unit has specific strengths and weaknesses, making strategic planning essential before beginning the battle with your opponent.Earn RUBY and other in-game resources You can earn RUBY by winning offensive battles, successfully defending your base, removing base obstacles, completing challenges and much more. Gold and Oil are additional in-game resources which your base produces, and your army can steal from opponents’ bases.Upgrade your Base, Hero and Statue NFTs Use RUBY to upgrade your NFTs in the game, increasing their value. Bases can only be grown by upgrading the HQ level with RUBY. Heroes help your army attack opponents and defend your base. Statues enhance you

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Mint Price : SOL

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