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Hedgehox Club


Ended: 14 Apr 2022 21:00

MISSION To gather and work on new projects with people who care about our World and enjoy doing business. We will realize the steps in our roadmap, share ideas and spread our team to the whole World. About Hidden Hedgehogity units, that were trying to explore the Uni- verse, saw the Earth in 1000 BC and was fascinated by the planet. That’s why Special Hedgehog Team was assigned to explore the Earth in 1 year. However one year on their own planet was equal to 5000 years on the Earth and that was a problem that they didn’t calculate. When they landed to the Earth, Hedgehox team couldn’t find a lot of things, nevertheless they decided to keep studying humans and animals; also following the development of the civilization step by step. By doing different research, they were hiding as Agents among people. The team chose Cappadoccia for their base. They were passing the place, from where they were looking at the stars, from generation to the next generation, for many years…Until realities turn into stories, and stories turn into fairytales… Hedgehox Club

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.06 ETH

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