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Half Breeds Hybrid Club (HBHC)


Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

Half Breeds Hybrid Club (HBHC) NFT- An exclusive NFT investors club with utility and focus. HBHC investors will enjoy a wide range of opportunity and utility through a three phase rollout format. Phase One ‘Evolution’-our first 5000 humans have arrived and had vivisection, these will be your limited utility rewards token NFT. Phase One NFT will have future utilities as we evolve. Phase Two ‘Rebirth’ -our second set of volunteers has now arrived and vivisection has taken place, lets welcome the women and children to the island as they are now combined with a variety of animal traits and characteristics. Phase Three ‘Fusion 3D’ -the metaverse has sprung to life, a glitch in software turned our brave HBHC volunteers into a 3D version, Now allowing them to transition into the new VR world and the Metaverse that awaits. Utility of HBHC Investors- After Phase One sellout, We will allocate 85% of all our secondary royalties to a established Community Vault to be voted on by community owners for it’s distribution. Weekly rewards could include, but not limited to: Blue Chip NFT purchases, Mint Passes, $HBHC Token Drops, WL for projects, and Free NFTS. Our Goal is to build a strong community of long term holders focused on making this a Blue Chip NFT project and business. APE-in the discord, become a family member of a utility driven business and NFT project that will have long term and short term benefits, we love flippers!!!!!!!!!     1 Event Tags:

Supply : 5000
Mint Price : 0.055 ETH

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