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Ended: 25 Feb 2022 00:00

GenBunSeries is an NFT project aiming to give back to the community. It is a collection of 8,888 GenBuns divided into 5 sub-collections. This project offers hodlers an opportunity to be part of a community that is collectively making a positive social impact, empowering the world for a better place.GenBuns used to live in harmony on the moon. Not until the Moon Goddess decided to send them to earth. This is her way of immediately taking action because the earth became shrouded by unexplainable darkness, blocking all the light from the sun. The five legendary GenBuns sent by the Moon Goddess named Verity, Natev, Etion, Halth, and Ellence then noticed the cause of this darkness – the state of mankind in disarray from suffering, chaos, and hunger. After seeing the dismal state of the human race, the five legendary GenBuns shared their blessings of the moon with humanity.Now, these five legendary GenBuns represent the five social causes the team behind this project wishes to focus on: poverty and hunger (Verity), environment (Natev), education (Etion), health (Halth), and science and technology (Ellence).For each GenBun, 50% of the introductory sales and 25% of the royalties would be donated to the selected charitable organization, in which the collective kindness of the hodlers would surely make a positive change.Fun fact: The GenBunSeries Collection is the first #NFT Bunny that bundles hope and art! Just by collecting these small balls of fluff, you are already contributing to the betterment of the earth!     2 Event Tags:#NFTlaunch#opensea#OpenseaNFTnftdrop

Supply : 8888
Mint Price : 0.01 SOL

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