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Gamers Ape Club

Gamers Ape Club


Ended: 10 Apr 2022 19:00

88 years of struggle community 88 years of Zero hands rise. 88 years and not even one big Gamers community in the world. Initially, we had started to create Gamers Human Club to improve our cognitive abilities to build a better community. But humans were our problem from the beginning, So because of being human we had to transmutation to ape, and no longer being human, so we can finally complete our mission, we had to become gamers ape club. Ape Transmutation thanks to the Genetic Ape Transmutation from Human Gamers, we were able to solve all the problems of this world: grow Gamers community, events & tournaments live on metaverse space & on YouTube Channel with giving winners reward prizes.

Supply : 8888
Mint Price : 0.2125 ETH

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