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Ended: 01 Jul 2022 18:00

Scattered and sent to different continents on Earth, mercenaries contracted from the Metaverse journey forward to source food for trade. What will they find as they explore this unknown land? Join the gang and be a part of a story brand like no other.

Our utility spreads across 3 primary channels.

• STAKING & REWARDS - Your NFTs are not just rare collectibles but also opportunities to gain passive income through staking your NFT on the SOL Blockchain, launching with the introduction of FoodGangz tokenomics in Phase 2 of our roadmap.

• MIYUNA'S ARCADE - Joining the FoodGangz ecosystem will grant you an exclusive membership pass to MIYUNA'S ARCADE, a collaborative space fueled by our native currency $GANG. Play, trade, collect and earn $GANG powered on the SOL blockchain. Your meeting place, your rules.

• FOODGANGZ FOUNDATION - Real-world utility through our FoodGangz Foundation (FGF), where every FoodGangz NFT is connected to a real human being somewhere in the world that is receiving hunger support through the humanitarian organisations whom we support. You, as the holder, will be changing someone’s life. An audited bio with the person's real name and country will be clearly available for full transparency.


We're on a mission...The FoodGangz Foundation is a humanitarian organisation on a journey to combat the world hunger crises by providing funding support to various charitable channels for food and other assistance specifically in emergency situations.

$1 USD from every primary and secondary FoodGangz NFT sales goes towards the FoodGangz Foundation (FGF) where just $1 can provide up to 10 meals. Through our monthly donations, we can all positively impact the lives of millions of hungry families, children and homeless.

Supply : 4444
Mint Price : 2 SOL