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Ended: 29 May 2022 19:00

Flippr is an upcoming NFT utility platform that comprises Flippr Tools, Marketplace, Node and Community. Each of these pillars is designed to deliver holders practical utility underpinning long term value.
Built to provide Access Pass holders with analytical information through Flippr Tools and reward holders with the Flippr Marketplace ($FLIP), Flippr will be a standalone utility platform that encompasses the functionality of several tools already on the market in one convenient package.
Access to Flippr will be controlled by possession of one or more Flippr Access Pass ERC-1155 tokens, initially offered at a mint price far below that of our nearest competitor, at Ξ0.09.
The ethos of Flippr is simple, to provide the most accessible utility platform in the NFT space without compromising on quality. Essentially, do what the big players are doing, for less.

Supply : 5000
Mint Price : 0.12 ETH

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