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Fast Society – Part 1/2 – Cardano

Fast Society – Part 1/2


Ended: 30 Nov 2022 00:00

Fast Society is an extraordinary cross-chain project based on Cardano and Solana with a collection of 8888 unique & hand-drawn NFT Muscle cars (50% on Cardano, 50% at Solana).💥 A fully doxxed team belonging to a Poland-based joint-stock company Oxygen Capital Group.💥 A raffle with a REAL 1969 Red Mach1 Ford Mustang to be won by 1 of the holders.💥 An addictive Play AND Earn Game created in cooperation with an experienced developer & publisher Mousetrap Games. The game will be aimed at all players - not only owners of our NFTs but also all people not related to the crypto/NFT space. NFT owners will be able to profit from playing thanks to other players.Mousetrap Games is a company with +50 titles on its account. The team cooperates with various entities from the WEB 3.0 industry, for example, CryptoDino: an OG project on the Cardano blockchain with +1,5 years in space.Our goals are: to create a unique collection of beautiful, classic Muscle cars; build an amazing cross-chain community of Cardano and Solana enthusiasts, game lovers & car lovers, and everyone who will want to enter our world; create a professional and addictive car game based on our tokens but accessible to everyone - the game which will give not only the opportunity to earn and revenue share for NFT Holders but also a real pleasure from playing. Mint - part 1/2 - Cardano. Supply: 4 444 Pre-mint for Whitelist date: 29/11Price: 175 USD Public mint date: 30/11Price: 200 USD

Supply :
Mint Price : 200 USD

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