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Enchanted Valley – The Encha


Ended: 28 Feb 2022 00:00

Enchanted Valley – The Enchanteds A Fantasy World full of magic and adventure. Diverse is what we are, Inclusion is what we create.The Enchanteds are digital avatar art collectibles randomly generated from a record breaking ~1500 traits, across 5 drops of 2200 NFTS each.The Enchanteds represent magical beings of Enchanted Valley on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, hosted on IPFS.Drop #1 – The FaeThe Fae | Tiny, elf-like creatures belonging to The Order Of The Land | Industrious nature’s artisans | Live in meadows & forests | Sport antlers, colorful blooms & mushroom sprouts | Usually cheerful & friendly | When threatened they can quake the ground & march trees into battle.     9 Event Tags:#NFTcollectible#NFTs #NFT #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftdrop #nftartist #nftcollectors #NFTscollectibleenchanted valleyenchantedsenchantedvalleyfaefantasyhigh fantasyorder of the faeThe Fae

Supply : 2200
Mint Price : 0.08 ETH

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