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Elysium Metagods


Ended: 17 May 2022 19:00

Elysium Metagods - The memory of man is short, incomplete, and easily rewritten and thus the story of the Gods of old has evolved into legends. Now in the modern era, legends of the Olympians have become myths and mankind has been able to explain away the reasons for chaos as being forces of nature or the result of man’s greed.
Nonetheless, the agents of Chaos, the Titans, still roam and are seeking out new ways to make life on earth miserable for mankind. So what does mankind do to escape this reality? They attempt to shed their corporeal form and create for themselves a digital utopia.
Here at the dawn of the Digital Age, they have forged for themselves their own reality, but the Titans still weave their chaos into every facet imaginable; using their false promises and deceitful tactics to garner potential support for their destructive ways. The Gods of old have come down from Mount Olympus once more to combat the agents of chaos in this digital world.
The twelve Olympians have joined humanity in this anti-corporeal space. Entering into the digital world whose foundations are upheld by ones and zeroes, not Atlas.
Elysium Metagods

Supply : 5000
Mint Price : 0.07 ETH

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