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Elite Cubs

Elite Cubs


Ended: 06 Mar 2022 12:00

This NFT is one of the hottest upcoming projects on the Solana network. Elite Cubs is a digital art collection of 599 NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT is unique.Benefits for holders: •Gain access to future collections. •30 holders will be able to create their own traits which will be featured in upcoming collection/collaborations. •Become part of a unique community • You will hold a reliable asset & unique artwork.Supply; 599 Public sale – 4/3/22* Mint price: .6 SOL**subject to changeFollow us for updates on Twitter & Discord.     2 Event Tags:#Giveaway#mint#nftcollectors#NFTCommunity#NFTlaunch#upcomingnftcollectionNFT

Supply : 499
Mint Price : 0.2 SOL

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