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Drippy Sharks


Ended: 14 Aug 2022 12:00

We are the only sharks that are willing to share the profits of our business with everyone else in the Solana shark tank.
There are only 3333 unique and beautiful sharks, which will have the opportunity to belong to the exclusive SHARK TANK, where they will receive passive earnings in daily and monthly $TUSK ans SOL.
These are the benefits for our project
1- Stake with passive earnings in Solana and $Tusk.
2- Deflationary system
3- Own application with retro games with reward for playing
4- DAO
5- Society with special collections
8- Auctions
9- Night party with guest DJs.
10- Deflationary sweep system
11- Sharktank Social Club
12- Own secondary market
13- Sharkplay card game where you can bet your rewards and win more
Drippy Sharks

Supply : 3333
Mint Price : 1.5 SOL

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