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Draco NFT | Original


Ended: 13 Mar 2022 19:00

In a big and busy modernized world called Cledo, a large and shiny egg tumbles through the streets. As it rolls down the road along Orchard Park, it eventually slams right into the wall of a skyscraper. The egg shimmers in sunlight and slowly cracks. A cute little dragon named Draco emerges from its Akkadian egg into a new and futuristic era. Leaving the tiny little eggshell, he shakes the rest of the pieces off of his head and body. Confused and curious about the new world around him, he takes his first few steps on the streets of Cledo. This is the beginning of Draco's new adventure in a novel era; maybe alone… maybe not.

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.09 ETH

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