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Doge Generals Genesis



Doge Generals has been invited to list on the super exclusive Foundation NFT Exchange!
Doge Generals are fine 1/1 art with a post-neo-modern twist. Doge Generals are fully animated and each one has a dope soundtrack so that you really feel like you are there. The team's incredibly talented artist created a truly special experience based on historical figures from all over the world.
Our reserve price is below cost at .1 ETH, and if the final price is above .3 ETH I will mail you a one of a kind customized Doge Caesar Statue! I can add an inscription to the statue if you wish. (See youtube video below, free shipping in US only, e-mail [email protected] with questions)
The Doge Generals team has also created The Doge Academy - a growing web3 project that looks to bring education and accessibility to people all around the world. We host high quality events every week so make sure to join our Discord below and check out our Twitter Spaces on historical subjects like the Rise and fall of Caesar! The Doge Academy will also be releasing a PFP NFT in the future and buying a Doge General will guarantee you get a place on the whitelist!
Feel free to ask us any questions on Twitter below, or even join our vibrant community! Thank you so much for checking us out!
Doge Generals Genesis Drop On Foundation

Supply : 25
Mint Price : .1 ETH

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