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Deviant Alien Collective


Ended: 21 May 2022 19:00

The Deviant Alien Collective is a collection of 10,000 unique, collectible NFTs consisting of more than a hundred unique, hand-drawn traits. Some of these visual traits are rare, legendary, and even divine! Ranging from simple, everyday clothing to lazer eyes, we put great care into each and every one of the traits, to achieve maximum visual quality. We believe that an NFT project should also have great visuals to catch the eye, and a great community and utilities to make you stay.But why Aliens? Well, why not? But for real. If you have been in the NFT space for some time, you probably have seen countless copies or “derivatives” of the most famous NFT projects. 99% of them are probably potential scams. We present you with original art with original ideas behind it, so you can rest assured that this is not one of those quick and scammy NFT projects.     2 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTlaunchNFTnftdrop

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : Free ETH

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