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Cryption Knights NFT


Ended: 08 Jun 2022 20:00

In the Initial Phase (Presale), only 100 addresses will be whitelisted and 100 Cryption Knights will be available for minting. This means each address can own a single Cryption Knight NFT.
In phase 2, 5000 Cryption Knights will be available. So don’t miss your chance to earn passive income the easiest way you’ll find on the internet. The more the merrier.
The utilities/features that we are offering for holding out Cryption Knights NFT are:
30% of the sale amount on farms
100% used to buyback CNT
30% of CNT from the converter will go to NFT Holders. No more CNT burns.
Governance rights
Privileged Chat Access (Telegram and Discord )
Special power to request features
Alpha access to upcoming products and releases
Extra Referral Rewards in any of Cryption’s products
The project will be eventually converted to a 5000 NFT project
Access to knowledge sessions conducted by us, delivered by industry leaders
NFT microgames

Supply : 2500
Mint Price : 150 MATIC

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