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Connect NFT


Ended: 30 Mar 2022 05:30

Here you can own unique devices and incorporate them into your very own living space! Everything will be owned by you on the Ethereum blockchain. The devices will have mining capability to create ConnectNFT tokens usable inside the ConnectNFT digital marketplace. There are two different mintable variations of NFTs determining which side the participant will be on. The story takes place far in the future, where life has been reduced to a small known safe zone for the inhabitants. Being part of a large compound, everyone will have their own space to connect to their once favorite now rediscovered retro devices. Generating ConnectNFT tokens from the various units will allow participants to fully customize and upgrade their rooms. Life has been abnormally normal for the last several hundred years. Lately, it seems something is going a bit off, and the inhabitants are not quite sure what it is. Connect NFT

Supply : 1337
Mint Price : 0.045 ETH

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