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Ended: 03 Apr 2022 22:00

Each Chosen Ones Hero is a unique ERC721 warrior from Godland’s eight kingdoms. These warriors have been chosen by their Gods to battle for ultimate supremacy with millions of possible of randomized trait combinations. Each series will be a collection of 10,000 characters. The first collection will feature four of our Heroes.These powerful heroes have been hand-crafted with the highest level of detail. Nothing compares to any other NFT ever released. Use them as avatars in the metaverse or play with them in the future upcoming play-to-earn auto-battler game.Each character has special characteristics, skillsets and abilities and if you buy one of these, you’ll gain access to the exclusive Heroes Club and get special privileges that will blow your mind and have others sit there in awe.We at Fork Gaming are true Esports and crypto junkies. We’re the founders of the largest professional Esports brand in Latin America, Infinity Esports. We have pro teams for League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota2 with over one hundred players and eighty streamers. Our gaming center (pictured in the background) brings the virtual to the physical with cutting edge technology. Infinity Esports is sponsored by the biggest brands such as BMW, TikTok, Tigo, Logitech, Subway, Office Depot and Kappa.But we’re not doing this alone. We’ve partnered with Good Gamer Entertainment, a publicly-traded company, as our exclusive game development studio. This team has a wealth of gaming experience at EA Sports, Disney and Mechwarrior along with Ad-tech execs who founded other projects that promise to eventually build a game down the road, Fork Gaming has contracted a respected studio that already begun the development and we expect our first P2E game to be ready in a few short months! ChosenOnes

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.15 ETH

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