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Cheeky Kyser


Ended: 28 Feb 2022 00:00

Cheeky Kyser brings you art in its purest, simplest form. No frills, no excess. Just a moment of life, captured at the perfect time.We offer an entire cinematic universe represented by 52 Cheeky Kyser models. Cheeky Kyser is intergenerational. Each model fixes a moment, an emotion, a memory. The magic of Cheeky Kyser stems from the art that manages to represent the complexity of a scene with minimalistic but incredibly expressive design.Love it or hate it, Cheeky Kyser leaves no one indifferent.Everyone will find their very own Cheeky Kyser. Since each of our models is drawn by hand, with no automatic generation, everybody will get their unique Cheeky Kyser. Choose from our Original, Silver and Gold editions and get ready to begin: owning a Cheeky Kyser is awesome enough, but playing with it is even better      1 Event Tags:cinema

Supply : 468
Mint Price : ETH

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