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Celestial Secrets


Ended: 20 May 2022 14:00

Co-founded by 2 Celestials from Apple and Twitter, Celestial Secrets is a brand of 5555 NFTs. By holding the token, you are also claiming the ownership of a visible star in the universe, which gives you the ability to rename and it will be registered in the Ethereum blockchain. However, it doesn’t stop there. Holders will also receive various utilities such as dividend, exclusive merchandise, exclusive events, physical items, DAOs and many more.
With a well detailed sustainability plan, Celestial Secrets is here to stay. Once the community has been established, a new B2B (Business to Business) division will be created to target web2 and web3 companies. This allows us to innovate new technology and help onboarding companies into web3 to bring in more revenue to sustain and redistribute back to the community.

Supply : 5555
Mint Price : 0.04 ETH

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