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Ended: 24 May 2022 00:00

Big Airdrop from "Cat&Dog"
🎁 PRIZE POOL - 3 500$
🏆 50 - winners
💵 25 x 50$
🐱 25 "Cat&Dog" NFT
Good luck friends 🌟
Promo video:
About the project:
"Cat&Dog for a walk" is a Move 2 Earn game in which you can pump up your pets and make money by walking with them in real life. Perform the norm of steps and get the maximum income.
The OG Cat&Dog 2D NFT collection will be released in May. There will be few such NFT. After the release of the game, due to their rarity, they will be collectible. OG NFT holders will get increased earning in the M2E game (the holder of three such NFT will be able to earn 45% more)
After the release of the OG collection, two Cat&Dog 3D NFT collections (Male and Female) will be released, which will be used as the main pets in the M2E game.
You will also have the opportunity to crossbreed them and get new NFT - KIDS. They will bring you additional income.

Supply : 2222
Mint Price : 1.5 SOL

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