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Brian NFTs by Braindom


Ended: 03 Mar 2022 00:00

Brian NFT collection by Braindom games is a limited collection of 9,999 unique 3D NFTs with hundreds of unique attributes captured on Ethereum blockchain.

Brian NFT collection is inspired by one of the most popular puzzle and brain teaser games ever - Braindom by Matchingham Games. Braindom has more than 150 Million downloads on Android and IOS devices. It is a free mobile game where you can test your wittiness in a fun and brainly manner.

Braindom has been one of the most successful projects of Matchingham Games. It has been Trending as a:

#1 top free app #1 in Word Games category on the App Store and Google Play #1 in Trivia Games category on the App Store #1 in Puzzle Games category on the App Store #4 in Games category on Google Play #5 in Games category on the App Store

Needless to say, most NFT projects aim to build a game as a second stage of their endeavor. Meanwhile, our main character, Brian, has his own successful game already, and now, it's time to level up the game with NFTs!

We are here for the long run, and we are here for You - the Intellectuals! The direction is set, the horizon is clear, and we are already plotting on how you can benefit from holding Braindom's Brian NFTs. Stay tuned!

Supply : 9999
Mint Price : 0.25 ETH