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Bitcoin Chicks

Bitcoin Chicks


Ended: 30 Jun 2022 00:00

Bitcoin Chicks is a collection of 6969 unique, magnificent & sexy Women living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each individual trait is hand drawn & unique. Owning a Bitcoin Chick grants you access to an Exclusive Social Club which provides a variety of perks including Airdrops, Merch, Bitcoin Lottery, Profit-Sharing, Real World utilities and many more.
‍ With this collection we honor the chicks of Satoshi Nakamotto the founder of 
coi Bitcoin. Satoshi's chicks are as unknown as himself but it is certain that without the help of his chicks Mr. Nakamotto would never have been able to focus 100% on his great masterpiece oin Bitcoin.
‍ Therefore, we will allocate a portion of our minting profits into building a statue displaying Mr. Nakamotto & his Chicks in the metaverse.
‍ There will also be a 
random community giveaway of 0.69 Bitcoin, 1.69 Ethereum, 69 Luna, 69 Avax & 6900 CRO to our awesome community of Bitcoin Chicks holders.

Supply : 6969
Mint Price : 0.069 ETH

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