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Bao Society

Bao Society


Ended: 12 Apr 2022 22:00

Bao or Baozi (包子) is a meal / snack originated from Asia and is most traditionally served with a mixture of pork and vegetables packed away in a warm, soft bun. Baos, however, can take many different forms and flavors influenced by region, culture and history. For example, Shanghai has the world-famous soup dumplings called Xiaolongbao (小籠包). Taiwan has it’s take of a burger-like bao called Gua Bao (割包) which is traditionally filled with succulent and sensationally seasoned belly pork, ground peanuts, coriander and pickled mustard greens. There are many many more variations of Bao and so you see, Baos are not a one size fit all and most importantly there is a Bao for everyone.

Supply : 3888
Mint Price : 0.0888 ETH