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Balloonz NFT

Balloonz NFT


Ended: 27 Feb 2022 00:00

 There is a land where Balloonz live a peaceful life within a colorful and serene land as if it came out from a rainbow. Every balloon was happy with what they had but this land was so isolated that Balloonz knew no other species that lived with them. They wanted to carry this serenity to other places and live cheerfully with other species. They needed a place where they could meet with other species. Their common cause was to reach the promised land above the skies, where they could finally be happy among their friends. A promised land, where they can reach every kind of creature no matter what the distance is and live with them in the same restful place.Balloonz have always dreamt for a land where they could live with different species and build a community where they would accept every kind of being and develop this community on everyone’s votes.ROADMAP:Step 1: Community Building We’re trying to build the Balloonz community to be as big as it can; so we’re on a mission to develop a following full of ambitious people with a passion for gaming and NFTs, and take them to the skies.Using Discord and Twitter, we’ll be growing our online presence, and preparing to rise above the clouds.Step 2: Balloonz PresaleAnyone that shows enthusiasm towards our mission and values will have the chance to become whitelisted. Whitelisted users will be able to mint a Balloonz before anyone else!Step 3: Release the Balloonz Our collection of 7,777 Balloonz NFTs will be released into the air of the blockchain.Each Balloonz NFT is unique (and delicate), with a specific set of traits that gives it a rarity score. If you catch one of our Balloonz, you’d better hold on to it – there’s so much more to come.Step 4: More Balloonz Now that our Balloonz have taken to the skies, and found new owners, we’ll be hosting a giveaway for all Balloonz NFT holders.We’ll be airdropping 20 Balloonz completely at random, so keep an eye on your wallet!Step 5: Balloonz Gamez Once our holders have a tight grip on our Balloonz NFTs, we’ll initiate the next step: Game Development.We’ll be creating a selection of hyper-casual games for iOS and Android, available to everybody. We’ll be developing a wide range of games that appeal to multiple audiences, in order to become the go-to NFT-infused game publishing organization. Soon you’ll be able to send your own games too!Step 6: Holder Utility As well as having un-capped and exclusive access to our games, holders will see even more utility.We’ll be putting a percentage of aftermarket sales, and all of our ad revenue into a community-governed treasury. This treasury will be used to make investments, and create more opportunity for our Balloonz holders.We’re going to take you to the skies!

Supply : 7777
Mint Price : 0.077 ETH

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