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Anime Metaverse


Ended: 26 Apr 2022 00:00

The Anime Metaverse is the intersection of Web3 Ownership, Anime, and Fashion. By Forbes30u30, ex-President of Burberry & more. Official partner of Amazon Web Services. Rikka is the architect of ‘Anime Metaverse’. A young lady who loves to read, create, and wants to be seen just like everybody else. ‍ Coming from a family that owns one of the most successful construction firms in Japan, she’s been exposed to the ins and outs of building design since she was little. Her interest lies in creating new structures, spaces, and architecture that would redefine lifestyle in more ways than one.Being the youngest and only girl in the family, one may say Rikka grew up with much love and protection. This is true, especially when she’s been coddled by her parents ever since she was born. However, Rikka remains in the shadow of her older brother. He’ll be succeeding the family company and expects Rikka to be the filial daughter and not challenge the norm. But Rikka wants to prove herself and show her family that she’s capable of achieving something more. ‍ Rikka becomes the best version of herself when she’s with her friends, a crew they call ‘Verses’. A natural-born leader, she guides and protects her little sisters the best way she can, and in return, they love and respect her just as much. Her friends are amongst the few people Rikka could not live without.

Supply : 5000
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH