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Angry Bulls Club


Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

Unique and Programmatically generated 10,000 cartoon-style NFTs based on the Polygon Network (MATIC).– Background Bulls with genetic mutations caused by genetic manipulation experiments in the 1940s. As soon as testosterone is injected into the bulls for testing before the human experiment proceeds, internal strife occurs, so they escape. Due to the excessive injection of testosterone that could not be removed during the escape process, they had a belligerent personalities and a desire to conquer. Still, they have a good heart from the beginning, so they suffer from double characters.– Angry Bull Its name is Angry, and it has big horns, rising trapezius muscles, and strong shoulders. Although it is a herbivore, People feel afraid that it will eat them up right away. It’s an ambitious creature that dreams of conquering the earth, but it has a kind heart. Angry is always thinking about how to make a charismatic expression.–  With its double characters, it usually acts destructive by conquering activities, but at home, it enjoys listening to Angus Young (AC/DC)’s Black in Black and has a hobby of bathing in the lower body. It prefers a dandy style, but it is conscious of other people’s eyes and decorates it in a macho type. On the surface, it is conscious with other people’s eyes, but internally, Angry has a pure heart. And it is a reflection of vicarious satisfaction that represents the reality of modern people. Appreciators feel somewhat relieved through its angry appearance.Airdrop promotion link:–angry-bulls-club-nft-airdrop-event-       4 Event Tags:#Bulls#mint#mintabc#NFTCommunity#NFTdrops#NFTlaunch#NFTsabcabcprojectangrybullsclubmaticNFTpfppolygon

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 200 SOL

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