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AMAKUNI – The Metaverse (AM▲KUNI)

AMAKUNI – The Metaverse


Ended: 24 Mar 2022 00:00

Our NFT Action RPG set in the fantasy World of AEPIRAN 10,000 KUNI Saru waiting to be reborn in the AMAKUNI Metaverse! JOIN our fight to save the World of AEPIRAN. Own KUNI NFTs — The benefits you get are: 1. Genesis Seed is needed for the creation of KUNI. 2. Outfits are only available with the purchase of NFTs, these items are not craft-able. 3. To play the game, you will need at least 1 KUNI and you can have up to 6 KUNI in a team. 4. A list of Genesis NFT holders will be stored in the AMATSU genesis block. 5. The Genesis title will be granted to all Genesis NFT holders. 6. Early access to Alpha and Beta version of the game

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.5 BNB

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