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Ended: 23 Mar 2022 19:00

By owning one or more of our collection of 4,444 unique NFTs designed by award winning artists and secured on the Ethereum (ERC-721) Blockchain, you become part of a new, exciting advertising revolution. Metaverse platforms are gaining popularity at incredibly high rates, creating the opportunity for unimaginable advertising revenues that we intend to harvest by establishing ourselves as the key player in this landscape. Together with you, we will launch our platform that will allow meta-real-estate owners to automatically set up AdBoxes - interactive advertising posters and billboard screens in their virtual spaces. The platform will run ads on AdBoxes in exchange for AdRunner tokens (ADR), which will be distributed to our community in exchange for staking their NFTs. We also want to add a human touch to the metaverse! Part of each AdBox’s screen time will be allocated to AdRunner NFT holders for non-commercial use. You will be free to make a statement and be heard and seen across the metaverse.

Supply : 4444
Mint Price : 0.12 ETH

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