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Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

An ode to rave culture, to LSD and to acid vibes. AcidKidz is a cosmic, spaced-out NFT collection featuring 8008 unique psychedelic avatars for the dreamers, the ravers, the hippies, the hallucinators and for everyone that feels the call of the cosmic consciousness.Born from over 270 trippy traits, each AcidKid is on his own trip. Prepare to meet all types of trippy ravers, from the occasional techno raver to the acid guru already floating in 3021, from mind-bending highs to the darkest horror trips. The psychedelic backgrounds are divided into 11 groups of acid strains with varying intensities. While a 300 ug background can radiate a blissful breathing hallucination, a 1200 will emit a strong feeling of limitless floating in space and time.#teamACID     1 Event Tags:#nft #nftdrop#technocollectiblemusicrave

Supply : 8008
Mint Price : 0.08 ETH