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A Cat Evolved


Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

WELCOME TO A CAT EVOLVED! For millennia, cats had never bat an eye towards humans until the emergence of the Metaverse, which finally provoked their curiosity. With 9 lives and a superiority complex, some decided to create one on their own, a Cataverse. Things went well right up to the deployment, during the uplink to the Cataverse, the all-seeing eye was bestowed upon them…ACE is a collection of 9999 evolved cats living inside of the Cataverse. Each hand-drawn with an all seeing eye and a unique combination out of 333 traits, which will be generated programmatically. Owning an ACE grants exclusive access including functional utilities and an ever-growing community.The ACE team believes firmly that everyone should have the opportunity to chase their passion and dreams. While not everyone will have the vision and capacity for such a bold move, the introduction of the High Cat Business Club allows those who have all the attributes to be given a boost. Ultimately, the key purpose of this utility is ACE’s vision to create a bridge between the ever-changing digital and physical world.Lucky owners will be granted an opportunity to create and execute what they have dreamt all along – to kickstart ideas (whatever you name it) on their own. 100ETH will be allocated towards the High Cat Business Club fund to fuel ideas. Selected owners have the option to receive it as a cash prize or use it as a start-up fund. Details will be listed out in the Discord group.     1 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTs

Supply : 9999
Mint Price : 0.16 ETH

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