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90s Ape Club

90s Ape Club


Ended: 14 Apr 2022 19:00

The 90s Ape Club will consist of 5555 Apes. They have been designed by an award wining designer Keivo and generated by Artificial Intelligence.
Rare 90s Apes
The rarest 90s Apes were designed after some of the most iconic people ( and movie characters) from the 90s
The story
The 90’s was a magical time – the birth of the internet and email gave rise to CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL and more.
For the first time, people could make friends around the globe in a much more meaningful and connected way – not through penpal letters or the digital bulletin boards, but instead through chat rooms and GeoCities and TriPod, albeit slowly from a 28.8 dial up modem.
For many of us, culture and music reached a pinnacle: MTV was still playing music videos. The music of the 90s is forever etched on the playlist of our lives: 2Pac and Biggie, WuTang. Ja Rule, DMX, Brittany, No Doubt, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and STP. These songs elicit vivid memories: your first slow dance to Mariah Carey at the 8th grade mixer, Jock Jams bringing you back to watching Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan go HAM on the court, or maybe even the first time you heard the theme song for The Simpsons, South Park, Seinfeld, Friends, or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
And the fashion! The bright neon scrunchies, Hot Topic studded belts, chain wallets, slap bracelets, and JNCO jeans that sagged so low they defied the laws of physics being taught in your high school science class, we truly something to behold.
Any of this sound familiar? You might just be a 90s kid! The 90s is a state of mind, and we welcome all who embody the spirit of the decade!
The 90s Ape Club was created as a place for 90s kids (both in age and spirit) to come together for the next big rise of the internet: the Metaverse.
Our goal at 90s Ape Club is rekindle that nostalgia. As a collective, we control our own destiny in the Metaverse with multi-cultural collaboration, 90s themed parties around the globe, and building an impassioned vision of the future – we want to make sure that this important era is preserved on the blockchain forever – and we want you to be a part of it with us.

Supply : 5555
Mint Price : 0.08 ETH