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đź‘‘NeoEden’s Realmđź‘‘


Ended: 29 Jun 2022 08:00

NeoEden's Realm, consist of a collection of 2500 unique digital art pieces, representing the realms noble members, dubbed “Neo-Cardz”. Each one generated from millions of different possible combinations, themed as a classic playing card deck, representing diverse kings and Queens that habit the Realm, each one with their own unique personality & rarity.
From funding diverse projects, developing “play to earn” $Rose token indiegames, kickstarting future non profit organizations, erecting private NFT powered events & clubs around the world, as well as many other undisclosed plans are in the works, anything is possible in Neo-Eden´s Realm. Our goal is to become a community standard in building bridges between NFT technology and our physical reality.
Owners of each Neocard will be able to claim 5 lovely $Roses a day for a period of 5 years , bringing with it new era of “Rosenomics” to the Realm. These $ROSES will be used for various utilities, such as NFT breeding, onchain metadata changes or implemented DAO voting features.
We want our community to govern on prime decisions with the direction of the project by voting transparently on its proposals.
We all lead together dear Kings & Queens.

đź‘‘NeoEden's Realmđź‘‘

Supply : 2500
Mint Price : 0.0777 ETH

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