Y00ts NFT Delayed Release Date

The long-awaited mint for the y00ts‘ t00b NFTs scheduled for September 4 has been delayed. Accordingly, the team encountered a “blocking error” five minutes before the start of the printing session. The project founders promised to bring the mint to life within 24 hours from the first date.

Why did y00ts delay NFT mints?

The Y00ts NFT mint is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated discounts of this season. Collectors have been applying to scholarship whitelist programs for months, hoping to earn a spot. Only accepted individuals had a chance to print t00bs, the NFTs needed to print.

Basically, everyone was waiting for the mintage day at 14:00 PST on September 4.Still, when mintage day comes, there are problems for the y00ts founding team at DeGods. To begin with, the team had to delay minting for 24 hours due to what they called a “blocking error”.

“Due to the nature of this insect, we don’t feel comfortable making mint alive right now,” they tweeted. “Mint will probably be 24 hours from now.”

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In other words, y00ts canceled the long-awaited NFT mint just five minutes before it aired.

What did Frank, the founder of DeGods, say about the delay?


On September 5, the founder of y00ts, known as Frank DeGods, brought up the event in a Twitter thread:

“I’m disappointed but not worried for myself and our team,” he wrote. “None of our plans have changed today… just a serious wake-up call on how seriously we need to fix this latency issue.”

So far, the project has received mixed reactions from the NFT community. While some collectors kept their hopes high, others did not seem very happy with the delayed mint.

What is y00ts?

In short, y00ts is a collection of 15,000 avatar-style NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. The project comes from the creators of DeGods, the most successful Solana NFT collections to date.

The hype around the years has only increased after he revealed his money printing strategies. Basically, every collector accepted to the y00tlist is eligible to print a t00b NFT. Then buyers can burn t00bs to print y00ts NFTs at any time.

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