Rarible Launches ‘GM Mfer’ Specialty Coffee for NFT DegensRarible 

As Degens, we need our coffee. We spend late at night waiting for mints and listening to Twitter spaces early in the morning. We want to stay active in our community and welcome the world with a GM every morning, so we need a little caffeine boost to do that.


What is GM mfer?

The first IRL mfer brand coffee blend is the coffee line created in partnership with Creation Coffee. A light-medium roast you can choose from whole beans or ground, says Adam Ilenich:

“The coffee is as good as the vibes”

Unlike the 10k mfer collection, there are only 200 bags from this first batch. With the community in mind, the GM mfer returns 25% of all profits to the mfers by sending it to the mfers treasury. So if you have a mfer NFT, you can take your delicious beans and give them back to the community.

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According to rarible,

“The utility is a bright blend of vibes that’ll keep any mfer wired and ready to build.” 

Where can I buy this delicious-sounding specialty coffee?

Partnered with Michigan roaster Creation Coffee, the GM mfer can ship statewide for $17.50 per bag and $4.99 shipping (or free shipping for orders over $35).


Why did Rarible make a GM mfer?

Community head Adam Ilenich had this to say on why Rarible decided to discontinue a limited-edition coffee line:

“Everyone knows the adage, “bear markets are for building.” Oftentimes people mean building on the product, development, or engineering side. But why not on the community side as well?”

This mfer brand coffee idea came from within the community and was inspired by this tweet. Additionally, Rarible wanted to try to bring their cc0 brand to life in the physical realm. Because of the creative commonality of mfers, anyone can create anything with plastered mfers.

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