Madonna into Metaverse, Sneaker Head, CyberPigs

NFTs that kept the Hype Up | Arcade, Madonna into Metaverse, Sneaker Head, CyberPigs

This week passed blazing with hot new NFTs creating Hyper like Arcade, Sneaker Heads and CyberPigs, and Madonna into Metaverse kept Bored Ape Yacht in the news.

Arcade Metaverse NFT collection prepares for Pre-Sale:

Arcade is a virtual world of Metaverse NFTs collection that offers the creators to create and monetize their own unique space that serves as your web3 home, store, or showroom for your NFTs. Users can buy and lend virtual land plots in the metaverse and earn additional perks on top of that. The presale of the Arcade starts in a few hours from now: 2022.3.31 at 11 pm EDT for 24 hours. The public sale will start a month later in April: 2022.4.1 at 11 pm EDT. Connect your wallet and own the next big real estate of the metaverse universe.

Arcade nft
Arcade nft

What’s behind the Sneaker Heads Hype:

Sneaker Hands is a hand-drawn NFT collection that is getting so much attention on social media, Twitter specifically. Coming from the hands of Ali Dawood, the collection is an art masterpiece and is still under completion. This NFT collection is focused to bring sneaker culture to the NFT space. These weird hand-drawn masks are inspired by street culture and copyright free. The minting has not started yet and will be announced on their official Twitter handle.

Sneaker Heads

CyberPigs Minting Starts in a few hours:

CyberPigs NFTs are a collection of 10,000 extremely unique CyberPigs each having a different set of traits. Based on the rarity mechanism, CyberPigs are of more than 300 professionally designed and drawn by hand traits and belong to different families. Each NFT and character will be unique, AI-generated on the Ethereum blockchain with no chance of duplicates. There main three families of CyberPigs:

  • 1 Pig boss
  • 10 Royal Pigs
  • 9’989 original Pigs


CyberPigs is not about just a valuable NFT collection but a whole ecosystem on blockchain that comes with value blended entertainment. I think the following are the major highlights that make CyberPigs one of my favorites among new projects.

  • The NFTs have handmade unique accessories that not only make them attractive but act as their special traits to give you an upper hand in battles.
  • I bet you have never heard this before; you will earn a royalty on secondary sales of your NFT. 10% of all CyberPigs secondary sales, breeding or battle fees, will go into a community pool. This not only provides passive profits to the community but also strengthens the liquidity of the whole project.
  • CyberPigs are fierce creatures yet you’ll fall in love with them once you pet them. Want to earn profits for holding? No problem, with the staking feature of CyberPigs you can stake your NFTs to earn a reward concerning the value of your NFT.
  • Every CyberPigs has a set of accessories that you can buy from NFT Marketplace to upgrade your warrior to stand a better chance at winning in the Battleground.
  • The battleground is a betting game of CyberPigs where you can compete with other players and win a prize based on your bet. The better the traits of your CyberPigs, the more are the chances to win.

CyberPigs is going to make massive entry not just as NFTs but their whole ecosystem has value for the community. The interconnectivity of NFTs and Battleground game gives an additional use case to the NFTs which in my opinion is a smart move to lock and improve the organic value of these assets. Overall, the project seems promising and their roadmap tells that the early investors will be the ones earning heaps of profits.

Madonna Enters Metaverse with BAYC NFT:

Following many artists, the pop queen Madonna enters the metaverse world with her $560K NFT of Bored Ape Yacht Club. The 63-year-old star took to Twitter to announce the news after she poured half a million dollars to become the latest celebrity to join the million-dollar Ape Club.

The opensea data reveals that the transaction took place around 12 days ago and it did cost 180 ETH. As told in her tweet of her, the NFT was bought by MoonPay and later transferred to Madonna’s wallet.  With the latest development, the singer joins the growing list of celebrities who have grabbed an ape of one of the most prominent NFT collections. Canadian musician Justin Bieber, for one, appears to have an appetite for Bored Ape NFTs as he made two purchases in a span of a few weeks – the latest one being $470k worth of ETH. Earlier, he bought a Bored Ape NFT for a whopping $1.3 million (500 ETH).

The Wallet address Madonna shows that she only holds 1 NFT in her wallet and there are some XCN coins worth only $130. She deposited 0.1 ETH some 11 days and 10 hours ago to pay fees may be, according to Ethereum blockchain explorer. Madonna’s wallet contains around 1428 Ape Tokens and mysteriously, her wallet is being deposited XCN coins almost daily, the data shows.

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