Meta’s NFT Integration Launches on Instagram and Facebook

Earlier this year, Meta (Facebook) announced plans to introduce NFTs to their platform using the Polygon blockchain to expand its reach into the Web3 space.

Meta Latest Update Introduces NFTs

To share your digital collections on Facebook and Instagram, you need to link your wallet to the platform. Your wallet can be used by MetaMask, WalletConnect, CoinBase, etc. can be used by You can connect to the app as long as it supports ERC721 tokens. Currently, this feature is only available to US users.


The Future for Facebook, Instagram, and NFTs

Big plans are being made for the use of NFTs within the Meta. A feature under development is ‘See in AR’, which makes NFTs Spark AR compatible. This way, you can view your 2D NFTs anywhere in your home using mobile AR. So if you’re trying to find the perfect place in your home to display a physical print of your digital asset, this will help you find that sweet spot.

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Also, Meta will try to add features that allow anyone to send NFTs using any blockchain and wallet. Currently supported blockchains are Ethereum and Polygon, Flow and Solana are coming soon.

Movement into the Metaverse

Meta reported that in the second quarter of 2022, 2.87 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger on a daily basis. That’s why the digital giant plans to expand its reach by introducing Web3 to its broad audience. Meta jointly integrates Polygon and Metaverse across its platforms. In April of this year, Polygon launched its ‘Green Manifesto’ announcing its plans to become carbon negative by the end of 2022. That’s why Meta chose to work with Polygon as its primary blockchain.

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