Foot Heroes Club: Build Your Heroic Dream Team

Project Details:

Project Type: Collectibles
Chain: Ethereum
Category: Gaming
Mint Date: 20/03/2022 (UTC)
Socials: Twitter | Discord | Instagram
Website: FootHeroesClub
GoalPaper: GoalPaper PDF

Foot heroes club

If there’s one thing history has taught us, it is that heroes are not born; they are made! 

With FootHeroesClub, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create not just one but an entire team of heroes. 

The mythological clarion call of adventure is not something everyone loves to answer. However, it’s what differentiates heroes from ordinary humans.

Guess who’s next on the list?

You…Yes you! 

Adventure is beckoning on you, read on to answer the call.

Project Overview

FootHeroesClub is a fascinating NFT-based football game that connects the dots between real-life club structures and the entertaining imaginary realm called metaverse. 

As a Free 2 Play 2 Earn game, FootHeroesClub allows you to create, manage and attempt to win football matches using different NFT assets, including Football Players, Tactics/Formation, Scouts, and many more! 

New users are welcome to join the game and start playing immediately for free. 

New players will get a basic squad of players to work with as they attempt to progress, engage, and have fun.

However, users who decide to utilize the FootHeroes token ($FCM) will have a better chance of improving their squad and climbing all the way to the top of the rankings 🏆. 

Registering and playing in tournaments (whether free or not) can earn you $FCM etc.

Users who add liquidity to the $FCM pool will be allowed to trade players in the transfer market and offered more incentives 

Furthermore, players will be able to combine local assets ( NFTs) and also import external assets such as stadiums, Gameplays, etc., in a bid to assemble a formidable squad for themselves. 

How To Get Started?

Set Up Your Club:
Once Onboarding, you will receive your initial squad, including your very own players! Manager from day 1!

Add your FootHeroes!
Buy, Trade, and Earn FootHeroes NFTs and directly add them to your team roster to strengthen your squad and go for glory!

Manage your team:
Choose the right formation, tactics and game mentality to boost your team’s performance.

List your FootHeroes for sale:
As a manager, take care of your squad management and sell or loan Heroes via the market to improve your team on it’s way to glory!

How Many FootHeroes Are Available?

There will be 8,888 FootHeroes available in the inaugural release. When the game is then officially released, managers will be able to mint new players


March 2022
Genesis Drop. 8,888 unique FootHeroesClub NFTs to boost your club!

April 2022
Tactics NFTs airdrop for early adopters! Scout NFTs for giveaway winners!

June 2022
$FHC launch BootCamp Staking – Send your player for some training and Stake your FootHero and EARN $FHC token for extra boost while the game launches

July 2022
FootHeroesClub Game launch
$FHC Dex listing
BIG Partnerships!

September 2022
FootHeroesClub first tournament 
Cex listing.
And more!

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