Elevate Laboratories Unveils The Wolf of Kensington NFT Collection 3D

Elevate Labs offers an opportunity: it encourages owners to join the pack with the launch of a new company. Operating at the forefront of the global digital revolution, the company presents its new products, the carbon neutral NFT collection: The Wolf of Kensington.

What is the Wolf of Kensington NFT collection?

Meet The Wolf of Kensington (TWOK) by Elevate Laboratories: a collection of 3D generative digital art.

Some have described its as “the most outstanding in the global community”. Each “wolf” offers its owner a number of benefits, including access to a prestigious concierge service and exclusive investment opportunities.

Who created the Wolf of Kensington NFTs?

Elevate Laboratories is sponsored by Woodbourne Ventures. To illustrate, Woodbourne Group’s venture capital venture has invested close to £1m to develop the product, according to Chief Executive Officer Tani Dulay. The team behind the new company includes thought leaders in the web3 space. They have a team of leading blockchain developers, artists, animators and marketers with past experience with blue-chip brands from eBay, EA Games and Government organizations.

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ulay added: “The launch of Elevate Laboratories and the The Wolf of Kensington NFT collection follows a long and intense period of creative development and significant investment led by a world-class team.

“We are incredibly proud of the product we have produced. TWOK is a highly coveted carbon neutral NFT collection of exclusive pieces of generative art with real world utility. The digital assets give holders access to a global and leading concierge service. Additionally,  they will provide investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach.”

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The Genius behind Elevate Laboratories

The Elevate Laboratories team has expertise in a variety of areas, including business, design, technology and marketing. Tani added: “Each wolf provides access to a luxury lifestyle app and concierge service, ahead of the NFT fashion curve. The world class concierge service will provide access to  14,000 per annum of benefits and the new app will give holders all this luxury at their fingertips. “Elevate Laboratories has the bandwidth to help shape the metaverse and create bold, new communities. TWOK is just the start.”

When will The Wolf of Kensington (TWOK) Launch?

TWOK remains the most outstanding productive art in the global community. It will also be released in Q3 of 2022.

What is the Woodbourne group?

Recently, the Woodbourne Group has launched an investment firm to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and wealth creators. To explain, Woodbourne Ventures is a new early-equity and pre-seed accelerator fund. Their aim is to support influential entrepreneurs like the Wolf of Kensington NFT collection. The Woodbourne Group is an investment and development group that harnesses the full potential of real estate through entrepreneurial vision.

Birmingham’s projects to strengthen its position as a leading sustainable city continue to revitalize the city. They also attract commercial investors to the area. The Woodbourne Group directly confronts the sustainability challenge and creates developments that open up affordable economic opportunities. The Woodbourne Group’s team has 130 years of combined real estate experience. Their past performances exceed £5 billion. In short, it is a business built on integrity and hard work, backed by a solid 

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