Artvatars NFT Collection Review: Is the Hype Real?

I have covered over 100 NFT projects and each one of those was unique in its own way, or at least claimed to be so. To interpret Artvatars I had to spend hours scrolling Opensea pages on how they have put so much value into one project. I haven’t even started it, but let’s say that the Artvatars are highly undervalued – I’ll explain why in detail below.

CreatorArtvatars Community Wallet
Project NameArtvatars
Launch DateApril 14, 2021
Max Supply20,000
Floor Price0.07 ETH
Price CurrencyETH
Token StandardsERC-721

About a year ago Artvatars on April 12, 2021, Artvatars content took place on discord, followed by the Pre-launch club house AMA (Ask Me Anything). And two days later, on April 14, 2021, Artvatars was officially launched. The Artvatars are actually two collections of NFT main Artvatars which are called Genesis Artvatars and then there are Artvatars. Artvatars and One Artvatars both are A.I generated which was actually a collaboration of cyber artists. The only difference is Artvatars come through the collaboration of 60 top computer artists while Artvatars One was created by a single artist named Javier Arrés.

60 best NFT artists created Genesis Artvatars with the help of an AI tool to assign them a part of each NFT to complete randomly. All the NFTs were distributed through drops and now around 6700 of these are available on Opensea for secondary sales. Artvatars One, as the name suggests, was created by the world-renowned cyber artist who won London Art Biennale in 2019. Illustration People Choice Award London 2017, and international prize Leonardo Da Vinci Florence 2020 are some of the prominent awards he has in his name. Having exhibited his art in Singapore, London, Paris, and Manchester, Javier has an international taste in his art which is evident from this NFT collection.

Artvatars keep the community engaged and as they a project is as strong as its active community.

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As evident from the image above, the activity of the project has been at a projectile. Artvatars has a strong community of over 22k on Twitter and over 7k on Discord.

What is Artvatars NFTs?

Genesis Artvatars and Artvatars One both represent the rare work of art from the state of art artists. Each NFT design was sliced into many parts which were then assigned to the artist at random through an AI-generated algorithm. The designs then create a 1/1 unique NFTs that offers the next generation of exclusive Digital Art Collectibles on Ethereum layer 2 (Polygon). The polygon chain has no transaction fee on Opensea so it becomes handy for the community to buy their collection of NFTs without paying heavy fees as gas in Ethereum. This artist mashup collection was available on Artvatars DApp for the first sale (minting).

Artvatars is taking NFT Digital space seriously and trying to include people who love buying physical properties than investing in digital art. This shift of interest could help draw more people into the NFT space sooner or later. However, Artvatars is doing its part. Since this project was real art-based so the team behind it really didn’t care about creating the hype as there was no need for it. Though the project might seem like a chaotic piece of art at the first look, at its core when you see the involvement and team behind it – that’s where its value lies. The project is organized by Manta (@MantaXR) who might be the next NFT giant. Also being backed by a doxed team, the trust level of investors gets boosted.

On the other hand, Artvatars One is created by a single artist to expand his work in the NFT space by keeping them single and unique. Created by a separate special algorithm, this artwork has a limit of 1000 pieces and has a floor price of 0.047 ETH. The most expensive of this collection is worth 1.85 ETH.

What are Artvatars traits NFT?

Genesis Artvatars has various traits which render this collection unique and valuable. The most prominent thing about these NFTs is they are a piece of art by 60 artists aided by a smart algorithm. Besides that, the genesis collection has the following properties:

  2. EARS
  5. FRAME
  6. HAT
  9. SCORE
  10. SERIES

Javier, on the other hand, put a lot of struggle to make his collection stand out as Artvatars One. The entire collection has a unique artistic style and high recognition value. The artist took inspiration from his childhood hometown and induced mystic architecture within it. These fantastic-looking creatures are strange and often give a monstrous or medieval look of some science fiction villain. This exhibits the artistic sense Javier brings along the science fiction and blends it with architectural faces.

How does the trait combination Artvatars value?

The core value of this entire collection lies in the fact that it comes from the hands of top NFT artists. Each one of these has his specialty in one thing or the other yet one thing remains common – they have added value to the project in one way or the other.

These all artists have come together to generate a mashup or collage of their art combined by an AI algorithm. Moreover, these NFTs are combined by 12 components to keep them 1/1 unique and Artvatars is the only project to run on the Ethereum layer 2 (Polygon) solution to keep the gas fees at zero.

Though the collection comes from the NFT art veteran, the fact that each NFT is a collage takes away their unique artistic approach. Each NFT has combined input from multiple artists who make these NFTs unique and valuable as per their traits. The traits listed above are distributed in a way that some NFTs become very rare. For example, Artvatars #3257 was sold for 8 Ethereum and that is the highest valued NFT ever sold from this collection. The rarest trait that makes this NFT so valuable is its score which is 800. The second most valuable NFT was #4998 which has a score of 679. Additionally, Artvatars #3257 NFT has Mustache which is the property of just 0.55% NFTs, the NFT has hair which is the trait of only 0.88%, and Hat which is the property of 0.54% of the 20000 NFTs. These are the traits owned by less than 1% of the collection, the NFT #3257 has the following traits that are owned by just 1% of the 20,000 NFTs:

  1. Background
  2. Ears
  3. Eyes
  4. Nose
  5. Forehead/scalp
  6. Frame
  7. Mythic

So, ultimately we can come to the conclusion that it’s not the art that makes them so valuable, it’s their uniqueness and rarity which weighs so much. This might be a discouraging fact for the artists though but their names were perhaps a hype factor – and it has played its role well.

How can you trade Artvatars NFTs?

Artvatars NFTs are available to buy and sell on OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace. Right now, there are only 6,700 Artvatars listed on the marketplace, split between more than 1,600 owners with a floor price of 0.07 ETH. The total trading volume for Genesis Artvatars alone is 711 ETH.

To buy Artvatars NFTs you’ll need an Ethereum wallet with enough Polygon Matic to bid for your chosen NFTs.

What was the most expensive Artvatars NFT?

According to Opensea data, Artvatars #1032 is the most expensive NFT of the entire collection and is priced with its name at 1032 ETH. This NFT owner bought it a year ago at 0.5 ETH and now it is available at an insanely high price of 1032 ETH – clearly no explanation there.

From the Artvatars One collection, Javier Arres #187 is the most expensive NFT of the entire collection and is priced with its name at 1.85 ETH. This NFT is on sale till August 17, 2022.

Where can I find Artvatars for Sale?

For now, Artvatars NFTs can only be found for sale on as all website shows that all NFTs are sold out already. To find these NFTs on Opensea, visit the Opensea website, enter the search term “Artvatars” in the search bar and click the collection with a verified blue tick next to it. That should take you to the Artvatars page. Use the filters option that allows you to filter out any NFT depending on its traits, value, or status. You can also sort by their listing status, taking out NFTs that aren’t for sale. Just below the filter button in the left tab, you can click on “on auction” to find the NFTs that have been listed for sale. If you have a defined budget, you can use the price button by putting the low and high price ranges.

How can I buy Artvatars?

It is no longer possible to mint Artvatars NFTs anymore, meaning that the only way to get your hands on them is to buy them through OpenSea from secondary sales. You can find the collection here.

The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your wallet to the exchange by clicking the wallet icon in the top right corner. Select the wallet you’re using and make sure that it contains the Polygon Matic. If you’re looking for a particular Artvatars to buy, you can use the search bar located at the center of the screen, right above the collection gallery. Select your desired NFT and click buy, sign the transaction and that’s it – you have bought your Artvatars.


Some people love art in NFTs, some see the team behind creating the art and others see the community involvement in the project to define its value. Artvatars is one such project that combines all of it to bring NFTs that have everything to grow. Besides the transcendental value, these NFTs have much value put in them yet they are enormously undervalued.

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